CANCELLED FOR 2023 - Hopewell Rocks Night Photography


  The last of the evening clouds have dispersed and darkness has fallen. As we slowly make our way along the shoreline, sixty foot sea stacks are silhouetted against a backdrop of a million stars. We just left Diamond Cove where a workshop in nightscape photography has just begun in what feels like a prehistoric landscape. "I never thought images such as these could be crafted on my first outing."

  These are the whispers overheard time and time again on Creative Imagery’s Hopewell Rocks Night Photography Excursion. Designed for both amateur and seasoned photographers alike, this photo excursion aims to teach the techniques and passion of night photography in one of Canada’s most unique and iconic locations. Situated on the upper fingers of the Bay of Fundy, this ocean floor can be submerged in as much as 46 feet of sediment rich water twice every day. Tonight this is all too apparent as our guide ushers us from inlet to inlet ahead of the relentless swell of the ocean. Not only is our guide passionate about photography, he knows these tides as intimately as he knows himself. Like a mother hen, he counts and counts again to ensure we are all together and safe.

  Tonight, the forecast was for clear skies. The Milky Way stands out like a belt of silver against the heavens, but soft clouds are drifting in creating a lush contrast between light and dark; they too are beautiful. Our flashlights lead us around another bend and Lover’s Arch stands tall above us. A quarter million people will pose under her this season but we, a privileged few, will see her draped in her sparkling evening wear. As our adventure comes to an end, as they all must, a fiery disc breaks the distant horizon. Tonight the moon is full!

WHAT TO BRING: Your DSLR, a tripod, your widest lenses, footwear that may get muddy, a flashlight (if you have one) and a desire to learn
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Walking for a couple hours, kneeling, crouching, walking on uneven terrain, stairs
DATES AVAILABLE: See calendar below (these could be cancelled with short notice depending on the weather)
COST: $100.00 (taxes included in price) per participant (One non-shooting spouse/friend may attend at no additional charge)
PAYMENT METHODS: Cash or Interac E-Transfer

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a newer DSLR or mirrorless camera to have any success with this process. Your camera MUST be able to be set to fully manual (including focus). You MUST be able to increase your ISO to at least 3200. If you are not sure if your camera will work for this excursion, please email me with your model and I'll confirm for you.

We meet at the gate where Discovery Rd and The Rocks Rd fork (just as you turn off Route 114 into The Hopewell Rocks Park) at the predetermined start time. Please give me a call on my cell (506) 381-4584 sometime throughout the day so I can confirm that everything is a go weather wise.

* All participants (paying or non-paying) must sign a waiver prior to the start of the excursion.

"Thank you for the wonderful night photography experience. It was one of the highlights of our visit to NS, PEI and Bay of Fundy. I now have some new tools in my tool box." - Tom Klingele

"We definitely had a lot of fun. Very informative. Kara called myself and Mat kids in a candy store, we were having so much fun. Would do it again in a heart beat." - Patrick Forest


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Planning a trip to New Brunswick? Why not join me for an evening of fun, discovery and creativity on the ocean floor of The Hopewell Rocks. Simply drop me a line with your vacation dates to see if the tides are accomodating.

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